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Hiring the Top Wedding DJ in Hawaii

Are you stuck between entertainment and Music for your wedding? Do not be hesitant; you are not the only one. However, if you want a piece of advice, go the latter and hire the top DJ in Maui. It will add a personal touch to your wedding and make a great environment. To help you do so, we are providing you the following guide!

Why do You need To Avoid a Cheap DJ?

A Cheap DJ can cancel on you at the very last minute

Some Wedding DJ have invested less in their performance as compared to a professional one

Wedding needs skill and experience for smooth and flawless ceremony; this  is something, not every DJ can promise you

Your Guests will never dance without any experienced entertainer who will keep the flow and keep on the momentum

MC has a big impact on mood and outcome of party for better or worse; a  good DJ can fill in this role

Your special day will be ruined if your DJ does not Channel the flow of events

You need to make sure that your DJ is experienced and can include your unique requests in such a way that it expresses your personality and keeps people dancing

The Amateur DJ comes with nonexistent or inadequate backup equipment, that if fails can ruin your day

DJ, who charge fewer invests less on their equipment, this equals to inferior sound quality and performance

Traits that Makes a Good Wedding DJ

When it comes to throwing a bash at your wedding reception that people won’t forget for years to come, every little detail is important. You need to take extra care of things from décor to food if you want to create a breathtaking experience. With that said, one thing, which will impress your guests, keep them entertained and interested throughout the evening is your entertainment arrangement

DJ Services remain one of the most popular choices for entertainment for a modern wedding. This is because DJs today can play any song, any genre and add a personal touch to your reception. With their importance being emphasized, let’s talk about how you can hire a good one.  What do you need to look for in a DJ? This is a tough question, and we are going to answer that with three-pointers. Following are the traits you need to discover in your DJ before signing your contract:

Clicking Personality

Personality is important when it comes to choosing Hawaii DJ Services. You can easily tell the difference between an accountant and the person who does something creative for his leaving just by their clothes and style sense. The same goes for personality; you can tell a lot about a person just by talking with them for a few minutes.

When it comes to choosing the top DJ for you wedding, a clicking personality is must to look for. If the first glance does not impress you, you will not be having the wedding celebration of your dreams. So meet the prospect in person and see if they put you at ease or not.  Besides, the first meeting eliminates nervousness and hesitation from the couple.

One of our top choices for the island of Maui is Clarity Chris – Maui Wedding DJ. He has made so many of his costumers happy with his Djing, Emcee, and Entertaining spirit and has plenty of awesome reviews!

Talent and Experience are Important for a Qualifying DJ

Experience and training are both a qualifying factor for selecting your DJ. However, talent is something which can never be taught through practice or training.

You need to find someone who has years of experience with one of the best music mindset in business. Remember, talent is hard to find while talent and experience can go hand in hand. This is because a DJ does a lot more than just creating a playlist and work equipment, he learns how to read crown and cater to their needs during the event.

What we forget while choosing a wedding DJ is they never play for themselves. Yes, their music should move you, no themselves. So be careful with your approach.

Attention to Detail and Flexible as Needed

Your DJ needs to be detailed and flexible according to changes, despite the change is needed because of you or anyone else.  A DJ needs to pay attention to every detail, and they need to understand that teamwork is of the essence. With that said, pre-wedding preparation is important for a DJ. Yes, he is the one responsible for making sure your day flows smoothly. All this means that by the time your wedding day comes around, the DJ services you hired should prepare some details for you.

Keeping this in mind, Clarity Entertainment Maui not only offers you  but promises to make your day flow smoothly. 

Tips to Get the Most out of Your DJ Services

The first thing you need to do is establish that you are the buyer, and you are the in charge. Make him see you do not want a talker and he does not have any room for independent judgment. If there is a song you hate, let him know. You have to lay out your ground rules and do not be afraid to put them into writing. In addition, you have to ask him to acknowledge your requests. Be straightforward, not rude; you are just adjusting your needs according to the DJ Services prices.

You have to specific about your playlist, and if you don’t get a good form to work with, you may need to make your own while keeping the following in mind:

Prelude Theme

Mothers Seating Theme

Bridesmaid Processional Theme

Bride Processional Theme



Cocktail Pre-Entrance

Entrance Theme

Song for the First Dance

Daddy/Daughter Dance

Mother/Son Dance

Cocktail Music Post Entrance

Dinner Music

Cake Cutting Theme

Bouquet Garter Toss Songs

Last Dance Theme

At Clarity Entertainment Maui, he understands all of this and wants to make your wedding day an un-forgetful memory for everyone. 

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