New enforcement of subreddit regulations.

[ In hindsight, I should have titled this New Features !! – oops. I hope everyone likes the changes anyway .]


I eventually had some downtime today and started looking into using the Automoderator. As of today here’s what is enabled 😛 TAGEND

Enforcement of subject line tags. All topics must now begin with one or more of the following:[ Hawaii Island ],[ Hawai’i Island ],[ Big Island ],[ BI ],[ Maui ],[ Molokai ],[ Moloka’i ],[ Lanai ],[ Lana’i ],[ Lana’i ],[ Lanai ],[ O’ahu ],[ Oahu ],[ Kauai ],[ Kaua’i ],[ Niihau ],[ Ni’ihau ],[ Any ],[ All]( these are not case-sensitive ).

The following keywords in a post will auto-flag that post so that mods are notified and can look into it:’ pakalolo ‘,’ haiku stairs ‘,’ stairway to heaven ‘. For now, commentaries won’t be flagged, but if you find one that should be, please do.

3. Post notifications: I can not have automoderator send email other than mod-mails, but I can make automod post a comment and page users( i.e. / u/ macahi ). If your handle is included in that commentary, you’ll get notified that there’s a new post in HawaiiVisitors. – It’s not the prettiest route of sending notifications, but it does seem to be the only way. Let me know either in a comment here or through modmail if you’d like your name added so you’re notified of new posts. You do not require get notifications to contribute. You do not need to live in Hawaii to have your name added to notifications. You can have your name added or removed at any time.

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