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I think it’s time to put together a FAQ or something that may help this subreddit. I’ve jotted down a few questions that seem to come up. If you have other questions/ issues you’d like to see addressed in the FAQ, please reply here, so we can start to forge this thing together.

I am not a mod – I sort of want to help a bit, but I don’t know if I have the time and energy to actually see this thing through 🙂

This sub is not a free vacation planning service. Please spend some of your own hour and attempt researching Hawaii before posting. Low effort posts will receive low attempt answers. Helpful information to include are: length of bide, reason( honeymoon or what ), size of party – children and ages, activity/ fitness level, budget, what activities do you already like to do( sightsee, museums, hike, eat, etc .)

No “freedom to roam”

Respect imperiled sea life. Stay at the least 10 feet away from sea turtles( citation ?) Stay at the least 150 feet away from monk seals.( citation ?)

Costco recommendation if not staying at a hotel

Questions 😛 TAGEND

Which island should I visit?( volcano is on BI only)

Can( or should) I visit another island on my trip-up?

Is there another mode of transportation between islands besides flying?( NO)

What are the must-do’s on each island?

Where should I stay on each island?

Restaurants on each island?

Club info – add 18+ and 21+

What’s the weather like during ____?

420 things

Permitting/ preparation issues for certain places: Kalalau, Haleakala, Arizona Memorial( Volcano ??)


Useful copypastas/ itineraries

I’m adding in this one from / r/ Kauai that’s recent and was pretty good I think https :// www.reddit.com/ r/ kauai/ commentaries/ 6mnb30/ my_kauai_trip /

Should I rent a vehicle?( yes – unless you are staying in Waikiki. Uber/ Lyft is fine for Oahu and parts of Maui – otherwise, rent a car .)

Other questions? Be specific – budget, day, YOUR favorite activities, etc.

edit: Added manachar, one_crack , nocknock, MeowMeow comments/ questions

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