BTAG 1 TTDTAG 1 TTDTAG 2 TTDTAG 3 TTHe was involved with a woman whose husband was killed during the Pinochet days, he said. And he knew he had killed him, and he didnt know how to tell her . RTAG 3 TTWhat the caller genuinely wanted to talk about was an Italian female he was banging. That was why he phoned the radio display Chacotero Sentimental RTAG 7 TTWhat recognises this case is that the person or persons talking has described a technique for disappearing people that was never on the record before, says Peter Kornbluh, author of RTAG 17 TTHe said he is 62, and was a little child merely drafted into the army when the takeover happened. His unit was assigned to a fort in the Atacama Desert in the northern part of the country( best known more recently as the barren defining for much of the James Bond film, Quantum of Solace RTAG 21 TTShortly afterward, Chiles police traced Albertos phone to the city of Valparaso. Hes a bus driver now, real name Rodrigo Guillermo Reyes Ramssy, and he is under arrest. What more he has to tell us about those years of horror will most likely be heard in the courts , not on Chacotero Sentimental ‘In the event of a nuclear assault ‘: U-Hawaii’s curious email to students and staff – Washington Post

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