Here’s What A Map Of The US Looks Like If You Resize Each State By Population Density

Population density maps are always good fun. And this one indicate US states is no exception.

As picked up on Reddit( the original is on Wikipedia ), this map shows what each state would look like if you resized all the states according to its population. That Wikipedia page has a handy breakdown of how it was calculated.

The most populous US state is California, with a whopping 39 million people, which stimulates it one of the most important on this map. In words of region( 424,000 square kilometers ), though, its only third behind Texas( 697,000 square kilometers) and Alaska( 1.7 square kilometers ).

Texas too does pretty good in the population density map( 28 million people ), as does Florida( 21 million ). And New York( 20 million) gets a sizeable boost, from a small sliver to one of “the worlds biggest” states in the northeast. Hawaii, meanwhile, stays pretty similar in size.

But the biggest mover is without a doubt Alaska. Its huge region and relatively low population of just 742,000 ensures it shrink from the biggest state to one of the smallest, with the lowest population density of all. Only Vermont( 625,000 people) and Wyoming( 585,000 people) are worse off in terms of population alone.

Its just a bit of fun, sure, but its pretty interesting to look at. For comparing, here’s an actual map of the United States, and the population density one again so you can easily compare them.

Gigillo8 3/ Wikipedia
Mliu9 2/ Wikipedia

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