Help me make sure my tourist $$ goes to the right people/ places.

I’m going to be spending 10 days on The Big Island in August, and I actually want to make sure my tourist dollars are going to the locals as much as possible.

For a bit of context, I’m Australian. I don’t know if the first people of Hawaii have been treated as badly as our Aboriginal people have, but if I were visiting Australia to see Australian Aboriginal culture, that’s where I would want my money to go. I basically want to do the equivalent in Hawaii.

If anyone can answer any of these, I’ll be eternally grateful.

Are there any fun tourist activity companies that are locally owned?

Are there any business run by local communities that should be supported?

Do I need to differentiate between Native Hawaiians( is that the correct word ?) and simply locally owned?

Are there any companies or brands I should definitely avoid?

Do the local tourist marketing companies take crazy commissions ?( When I lived in Cairns, it get up to 30%. That 30% was not going to the operator ).

I plan to be based out of Kona, is there any reason why somewhere else would be better?

Thanks for your help!

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