5 things for Friday, July 14: Health care bill, President Trump, missing men, travel prohibition, overseas attacks

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GOP senators’ latest endeavor at fixing health care is a secret no more. It includes an amendment by Ted Cruz that would let insurers offer cheaper, bare-bones policies. Conservatives like that, but moderates don’t, since they are fear it would drive up premiums for folks with pre-existing conditions. The bill still includes cuts to Medicaid and maintains two Obamacare-era taxes on rich person. Is this versionenough to get Majority Leader Mitch McConnell the 50 elections he needs to pass this thing? We still don’t know. Rand Paul said he won’t even vote for a motion to debate the bill. Susan Collins says she won’t either, until she sees the all-important CBO score, which is due out Monday.

GOP senators unveil alternative health plan

Trump: Nothing happened from the meeting

Lawyer: Human confesses in case of missing men

The six countries banned by Trump

Police: 2 injured in Jerusalem shooting

Mulvaney: Trump wants to protect entitlements

Jul 13, 2017 at 10:10 pm PDT

Bush, Clinton stress humility in presidency

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