5 things for August 21: Eclipse, Afghanistan, North Korea, Navy

Data leaks have become so commonplace that it’s unbelievably easy to become numb to them, but credit reporting service Equifax announced a doozy today that when all is said and done could involve 143 million consumers. This is bad.

It was a treasure trove of information for the bad guys out there and included Social Security numbers, birth dates, addresses and, in some instances, driver’s license numbers. As though that weren’t bad enough, 209,000 people had their credit card info leak and the breach also included conflict documentation and personally identifying information from 182,000 consumers.

RTAG 5 TT The company has set up a website, RTAG 6 TTThis is not the worst breach of all time by a long shot in terms of pure numbers. That distinction goes to Yahoo , now part of Oath( which was acquired by our mother company, Verizon ). They had a leak involving more than a billion usersRTAG 8 TTRead more:

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Happy Eclipse Day! In case you haven’t heard, today is theEclipse of the Century, a total solar eclipse that they are able to cross the US from coast to coast. Be sure to check thelatest eclipse weather forecastto avoid being “clouded-out.” Hopefully you secured a pair of solar eclipse glasses and know how to watch the eclipse safely.

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