Top Reasons to Hire Wedding Planners and Coordinators

Maui Wedding Planners & Coordinators by Envisions


Weddings are popular worldwide for their sacredness and elegance. These are composed of various significant elements, adding the joy and happiness. If you want to make nuptial exemplary, it is essential that everything from purchasing wedding cards to the departure of the guests goes perfectly. However, planning a marriage can be a stressful task for some people. There always remains a mistake, even after everything is planned meticulously. You can reduce this stress by hiring Maui Wedding Planners. If your budget allows this, you can go for it. You will find that you have investment right.
This trend of hiring Envisions wedding planners are gaining popularity these days. Here are the main reasons for hiring a professional wedding planner and coordinators.


Hiring a planner will lift the huge weight from your shoulder. You will not have to plan things by yourself and can pay attention to the important things. Different planners will offer different types of packages. You can select one either cover all tasks or some aspects such as wedding invitations, attire, Maui venue.

Making decisions

As mentioned above, the planners will reduce the stress. You can make them work within your budget to improve wedding experience. Since they are in this field for a long time, they will be certainly familiar with the cost of different vendors. They can help you select the vendors, Maui venue, attires, and similar things. They can recommend you a vendor such as a wedding photographer, florist, and make-up artist, suitable for your budget while ensuring the best services. They will also ensure that every vendor works what he or she is obligated to do. They can help can also help find out the possible issues and solve these before these become big problems.

Reduce traveling

There are occasions that you will have to travel to different places while looking for the vendors. It can exhaust you. A Maui wedding planner will not only coordinate with you but also keep things happening properly on your big day.

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Reducing Pressure

There will be no pressure on your shoulder because you are no longer the go-to person for things such as cuisine, dress, decorations. You will not have to carry the pressure of dealing with vendors, and possibly various complaints. You will not have to worry if anything goes wrong. A wedding planner or a coordinator will take care of everything. These are some reasons describing why you should hire a Maui wedding planner and a coordinator. In conclusion, the key reason is stress-free and memorable marriage ceremony.


The Maui Snorkel Experience

Snorkeling is no doubt one of the best activities to take part in while on summer vacations. It is a one in a lifetime experience and is absolutely adored by many. Looking for a top snorkel tour destination? Well, look no more. Maui snorkeling is the best bet. Owing to its vast resources, you will not only snorkel but also have the best adventure in this highly classified location. This explains why nature lovers keep streaming in to have a taste of this exquisite beauty. Spice up your vacation by making Maui your next destination. 

1. What Snorkel Tour Should I choose?

In Maui, the weather beats it all. It has an ample climate that enables you to have an unforgettable experience. The calm beaches will grant you an opportunity to cruise in it and have a sight of the underworld kingdom. You will be so fascinated by the marine life below; turtles gliding gracefully as fish of different colors and sizes whizz by you in swarms. The habitat is a tale to tell too; seaweeds among much more not forgetting the magnificent coral reefs. They are all present to sustain the water life.

A Highly Recommend Tour Company Is Ultimate Whale Watch & SnorkelTheir diversity of snorkel trips attracts many. For instance, seeing the Hawaiian spinner dolphins has made Maui & Lanai one of the top islands to go snorkeling. The beaches are not only for snorkeling but also swimming during hot sunny days.

2. Crew

The highly accredited team is the crème de la crème in this field of expertise. Their sheer dedication is the driving force of this thriving business. They will not only make your experience an unforgettable one but also one to die for over and over again. They are always out of their way to make you not regret opting for their services. They know in and out of the Maui waters.

Their snorkeling equipment is certified and approved for use. They are safe and comfortable and will make your excursion below successful. Besides, they have all the equipment necessary for a perfect snorkel. With their services, accidents are unheard off as they put in mind all measures to protect you from harm. It is an accident-free zone and a fun-filled site.

In conclusion

For several years now, Maui has been recognized as the best place to snorkel and watch whales. For that reason, numerous awards and accolades have come its way. The highly accredited place has continued to harbor tourists and snorkelers of different nationalities. This is all because of its perfect location and its friendly staff. For more information on Maui snorkeling tours click here.

Akamai Coffee Co | 100% Maui Coffee | Kahului & Kihei Shop

100% Maui Coffee By Akamai Coffee Co

Sitting in the west portion of a Home Depot parking lot in Kahului, Hawaii, is a small coffee shop no bigger than an RV that serves some of the Maui island’s absolute best coffee. Since it was formed in 2007, the Akamai Coffee Company has been providing the surrounding area with freshly roasted and locally grown coffee.

The word “akamai,” means smart and intelligent in the Hawaiian language, which is essentially how the Akamai Coffee Co, coupled with passion and a genuine love for coffee, continues to serve and prepare fantastic coffee. From planting the coffee to brewing the perfect cup of coffee, Akamai uses the best techniques to ensure a consistent and flavorful product every time.

While the location may be small, the coffee sure does pack some flavor. All of their coffee is grown in the fantastic coffee growing environment island of Maui, and is roasted just before use, to guarantee freshness. Not only does Akamai roast 100% of their own coffee, they grow all of the coffee they use on the same island.

Akamai offers a few different varieties of coffee beans for sale, mainly medium to dark roasts, that all have a complex and desirable flavor, containing notes of caramel, vanilla, and chocolate. They also offer a decaf version of their Maui Mokka, which is processed using the superior Swiss Water method, meaning no chemicals are used to remove the caffeine. The plentiful selection of different types of coffee is available at their physical location in Kahului also available now in their new Maui coffee shop in Kihei – as well as online on their website. 

Seeing how Akamai does all the roasting themselves, they are able to offer wholesale beans and other services, such as one on one instruction on how to get the most out of your coffee. On their website, there are several guides on how to brew using some of the most popular devices, such as the French press, AeroPress, and Chemex. 

Despite coffee from Maui having not been well established until a decade or so ago, Akamai has really put Maui on the map as a coffee growing region. In this region, coffee varietals, which are the result of different species of coffee plants breeding, are very popular. The Maui Mokka varietal that Akamai grows won the Best Coffee in the State of Hawaii at the Hawaii Coffee Associating cupping competition in 2014, showing that with a little dedication and passion, anything is possible.

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